Getting Started

Welcome to Gloo Mesh, the open-source, multi-cluster, multi-mesh management plane. Gloo Mesh simplifies service-mesh operations and lets you manage multiple clusters of a service mesh from a centralized management plane. Gloo Mesh takes care of things like shared-trust/root CA federation, workload discovery, unified multi-cluster/global traffic policy, access policy, and more.

Getting meshctl

Gloo Mesh has a CLI tool called meshctl that helps bootstrap Gloo Mesh, register clusters, describe configured resources, and more. Get the latest meshctl from the releases page on solo-io/gloo-mesh.

You can also quickly install like this:

curl -sL | sh

Once you've downloaded the correct binary for your architecture, run the following to make sure it's working correctly:

meshctl version

You can add meshctl to your PATH (Windows Mac Linux) for global access on the command line.

Deploying Gloo Mesh

In this section, we detail a few ways to get you up and running with Gloo Mesh and Gloo Mesh Enterprise. For detailed information on each aspect of Gloo Mesh installation, check out the setup guides.