About Gloo Mesh

Gloo Mesh Enterprise is a distribution of the Istio service mesh that is hardened for production support across multicluster hybrid clusters and service meshes. Gloo Mesh Enterprise includes n-4 Istio version support with security patches to address Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), as well as special builds to meet regulatory standards such as Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

The Gloo Mesh API simplifies the complexity of your service mesh by installing custom resource definitions (CRDs) that you configure. Then, Gloo Mesh translates these CRDs into Istio resources across your environment, and provides visibility across all of the resources and traffic. Enterprise features include multi-tenancy, global failover and routing, observability, east-west rate limiting and policy enforcement through authorization and authentication plug-ins, and north-south traffic control through the Gloo Mesh Gateway Envoy proxy module.

The following figure depicts how Gloo Mesh Enterprise ties together your hybrid cloud strategy for managing ingress and egress across services that run anywhere. For more information, review the API concepts.

Figure of Gloo Mesh securing the connectivity of your apps across clusters and infrastructure providers.