Gloo Mesh Enterprise is a multicluster and multimesh management plane that is based on hardened open source projects. With Gloo Mesh, you can unify the configuration, operation, and visibility of service-to-service connectivity across distributed applications that run in multiple clusters and service meshes.

What is Gloo Mesh?

Gloo Mesh Enterprise is a distribution of the Istio Service Mesh with production support, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) patching, special builds to meet regulatory standards such as Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), and a multi-cluster operational management plane to simplify running a service mesh across multiple clusters or a hybrid deployment.

Gloo Mesh Enterprise also has enterprise features around multi-tenancy, global failover and routing, observability, east-west rate limiting and policy enforcement through AuthZ/AuthN plug-ins, and north-south traffic control through the Gloo Mesh Gateway Envoy proxy extension.

The following diagram depicts how Gloo Mesh Enterprise ties together your hybrid cloud strategy for managing ingress and egress across services that run anywhere.

How can Gloo Mesh help me?

A service mesh provides powerful service-to-service communication capabilities like request routing, traffic observability, transport security, policy enforcement and more. A service mesh brings its highest value when many services (as many as possible) take advantage of its traffic control capabilities. In today's modern cloud deployments, both on-premises and in a public cloud, the expectation is that more, smaller clusters or deployment targets are preferred for the following reasons:

Managing a service mesh deployment that is consistent and secure across multiple clusters is tedious and error prone at best. Gloo Mesh provides a single unified pane of glass driven by a declarative API (CRDs in Kubernetes) that orchestrates and simplifies the operation of a multi-cluster service mesh including the following concerns:

Why use Gloo Mesh Enterprise?

With Gloo Mesh Enterprise, you get an extensible, open-source based set of API tools to connect and manage your services across multiple clusters and service meshes. Your subscription includes the following benefits.

Looking for a list of features compared against what's available in open source? See the Feature comparison on the product website.