Alpha: Ambient mesh

Explore an Istio service mesh without sidecars by running Gloo Mesh Enterprise in ambient mode. An ambient mesh removes the requirement of running a sidecar alongside each app in your mesh. Instead, you use node-level ztunnels to route Layer 4 traffic between apps, and waypoint proxies to enforce Layer 7 traffic policies whenever needed.

Ambient is an alpha feature. Alpha features are likely to change, are not fully tested, and are not supported for production. For more information, see Gloo feature maturity.

Ambient requires a Solo Istio image for your service mesh.

Check out the following links to get started with an ambient mesh.

Get started

Install Istio and Gloo Mesh in ambient mode and try out Layer 4 and Layer 7 policies.

About ambient mesh

Learn about what an ambient mesh is and the benefits of adding apps to an ambient mesh.


Find examples of how Layer 4 and 7 routing works in an ambient mesh.

Supported features

Check out the Gloo Mesh features that you can leverage in an ambient mesh.

More resources for ambient mesh

Check out the following blogs for more information about ambient mesh.