meshctl vm onboard

Operations to onboard a Virtual Machine into the mesh

  meshctl vm onboard [flags]


        --ca-addr string             Set custom CA address. Discovery address will be used by default for CA Address.
      --cluster-id string          The cluster name or ID where the VM will be onboarded
      --generate-service-account   Create ServiceAccount for VM onboarding, provided ServiceAccount will be used by default (default true)
  -h, --help                       help for onboard
      --ingress-ip string          Ingress IP for East-West ingress Gateway
      --ingress-svc string         Name of ingress gateway service, in the format <service>.<namespace>. If not provided, the default istio-system namespace will be used (default "istio-eastwestgateway")
      --install-sidecar            Install istio sidecar on VM (default true)
  -n, --namespace string           Namespace (default "gloo-mesh-vm")
  -o, --output string              Output directory for generated files (default "output")
      --service-account string     ServiceAccount used to generate istio-token for Virtual Machine onboarding, will default to provided vm-name
      --skip-checks                Skip Istio installation checks (default false)
      --vm-external-ip string      Virtual Machine External IP address of the workload running on the VM
      --vm-internal-ip string      Virtual Machine Internal private IP address to set ISTIO_SVC_IP

Options inherited from parent commands

        --kubeconfig string        Path to the kubeconfig file for the cluster.
      --kubecontext string       Kubernetes context for the cluster to run the command in.
      --plain                    Disable styling for terminal output.
      --ssh-private-key string   SSH private key file used for logging on the Virtual Machine
  -v, --verbose                  Enable verbose logging.
      --vm-address string        Destination address of the Virtual Machine which can be an IP or a hostname (required)
      --vm-name string           Name of the Virtual Machine to generate logs and resources (optional). Will default to vm address if not provided.
      --vm-password string       Password for Virtual Machine
      --vm-port string           SSH port on the VM (default "22")
      --vm-username string       Username for the Virtual Machine (required for SSH)