Gloo Mesh Enterprise

Welcome! Gloo Mesh Enterprise is a multicluster and multimesh management plane that is based on hardened, open-source projects like Envoy and Istio. With Gloo Mesh, you can unify the configuration, operation, and visibility of service-to-service connectivity across your distributed applications. These apps can run in different virtual machines (VMs) or Kubernetes clusters on premises or in various cloud providers, and even in different service meshes. The following figure shows the basic Gloo Mesh Enterprise architecture.

Figure: Gloo Mesh Enterprise provides multicluster, multimesh management to any Kubernetes platform for simple Istio service discovery, traffic shaping, secured app traffic like external auth, failover, locality-aware load balancing, and more.

On this page, you can learn a little bit more about Gloo Mesh. Then, follow the links out to resources that can help you wherever you are in your service mesh journey, from trying out Gloo Mesh to digging into how the API and CLI work.

What is Gloo Mesh?

For information about benefits and use cases, see the About Gloo Mesh page.

Have more questions about how Gloo Mesh simplifies application networking concepts in Kubernetes and Istio? Review the YouTube playlist of 1-2 minute long video answers to frequently asked questions about Gloo Mesh, Istio, and other topics about securing application networking traffic. For more information, see the Resource Library page on the website.

Suggested guides and resources

Get Started

Quickly install Gloo Mesh in a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster to try out multicluster, multimesh management.

Set up Production

After trying Gloo Mesh out in the get started guide, learn how to install Istio and set up Gloo Mesh in production.

Dive Deeper

Explore the policies for east-west and north-south traffic control, multicluster configuration, observability, and more.

Gloo Mesh API

Review in-depth information about each Gloo Mesh custom resource definition (CRD). If you are not sure about a field or value in a CRD, the API docs are the place to look.

Gloo Mesh CLI

Review the docs to use the Gloo Mesh command line interface, meshctl. In particular, you might find the check, debug, and cluster commands helpful.

Helm Configuration

Review configuration options to install or upgrade Gloo Mesh Enterprise via Helm. You might have to enable certain Helm values for features like external auth or rate limiting.


Keep up to date with the latest announcements, tips, and tricks for maximizing your usage of Gloo Mesh.

Product Page

Looking for feature highlights and use cases? Check out the Gloo Mesh product page for more information.


Sometimes, you learn better with someone helping you. View upcoming Gloo Mesh webinars and workshops.

Get a trial license and advice to build out a proof of concept.


Chat with Solo engineers and users in the #gloo-mesh channel.


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