Share the installation method that you used to install Gloo Mesh Core, such as Helm, or Argo CD, and the configuration that you used during the installation.


  1. Provide a detailed description of the issue. Make sure to include the following information:

    • If reproducible, steps to reproduce the issue.
    • Number of workload clusters.
    • Federated trust details, such as self-signed certificates or certificates provided by a certificate management provider.
    • High-level diagram of the clusters showing where Gloo Mesh Core components and applications are running.
    • If you use workspaces, details of how the workspaces are configured.
    • Details of the Istio installation and configuration.
  2. Describe the impact of the issue. For example, the issue might block an update or a demo, or cause the loss of data or an entire system.

  3. Export the relevant configuration files that are related to the issue.

    • Istio resources: Use the following command to create an Istio bug report that you can attach to your support request. Run it against all the impacted workload clusters.
        istioctl --context $REMOTE_CONTEXT bug-report --istio-namespace <istio-control-plane-namespace>

Product-specific details


  1. If you used Helm to install Istio in the workload clusters, get the Helm configuration that you used during your installation.
      helm --kube-context $REMOTE_CONTEXT get all <release-name> --namespace <istio-system-namespace> > istio_installation_helm.yaml