Troubleshoot issues

Running into an issue while using Gloo Gateway? Try the following debug guides and troubleshooting topics to find why things might not behave as expected. If you are still stuck, try posting on the Slack.

General steps before debugging

  1. Make sure that you run a supported version of Gloo, Istio, and Kubernetes and their related command line interface (CLI) tools. If not, upgrade your version and CLIs.
  2. Review your infrastructure provider for any errors, incidents, or outages that might impact your clusters, load balancers, and related infrastructure. Common configuration problems happen in the following resources:
    • Firewalls
    • Application load balancer (ALB) settings
    • Expired or malformatted certificates, tokens, and secrets
  3. To help you debug issues in your environment, you can generate a .tar.gz file of your Gloo and Istio operational information. For more information, see the CLI reference.
    meshctl debug report
    • To generate a file for multiple clusters:
       meshctl debug report --kubecontext cluster1,cluster2,cluster3
    • To include information from application namespaces in addition to the gloo-mesh and Istio namespaces:
       meshctl debug report --include-namespaces app1,app2
    • To upload the debug information to a secure repo owned by, you can set a folder structure that makes it easy to identify your upload.
       meshctl debug report --upload true --upload-dir <your_name>/<issue_name>

Troubleshooting topics