Proto: waypoint_lifecycle_manager.proto

Package: admin.gloo.solo.io



Field Description
workspaces (repeated WaypointLifecycleManagerReport.WorkspacesEntry)


Field Description
key (string)

value (common.gloo.solo.io.Report)


Manages the deployment of Ambient L7 policy proxy (waypoint proxy) the selected Kubernetes service accounts. A RouteTable in ambient mode creates a server-side proxy to handle L7 routing, and to apply policies. Outlier detection and failover policies in an ambient mesh create a client-side L7 proxy.

Field Description
applyToServiceAccount (repeated common.gloo.solo.io.ObjectSelector)

The Kubernetes service account to that you want to apply the override settings to. Selects only the service accounts in the matching clusters. If empty, the settings are applied to all service accounts in the workspace.
deploymentSpec (google.protobuf.Struct)

The deployment specification that you want to use to override the default L7 policy proxy deployment values. The values that you specify are merged with the default deployment values. For information about the value format, see the Google protocol buffer documentation.


This field represents the status of the WaypointLifecycleManagerSpec.

Field Description
common (common.gloo.solo.io.Status)

The state and workspace conditions of the applied policy.