Proto: graphql_allowed_query_policy.proto




Field Description
workspaces (repeated GraphQLAllowedQueryPolicyReport.WorkspacesEntry)

A list of workspaces in which the policy can apply to workloads.
selectedRoutes (repeated

A list of references to all routes the policy selects.


Field Description
key (string)

value (


Field Description
applyToRoutes (repeated

Select the graphql routes where the policy will be applied. If empty, will apply to no graphql routes. selection via Destination selectors will not work for this policy, and only route selectors will work. If more than one GraphQLAllowedQueryPolicy applies to a GraphQLRoute, the oldest one will be applied.
config (GraphQLAllowedQueryPolicySpec.Config)


Field Description
allowedQueryHashes (repeated string)

A list of SHA-256 hashed graphql queries that are allowed to be executed by the server. If a query hash is not in this list, the server will return an error. If this list is empty, all queries are allowed. Else, all queries must be in this list. Queries that are not sent as hashes will be hashed and compared against the list. This is useful for preventing malicious queries from being executed.


Field Description
common (

The state and workspace conditions of the applied resource.
numSelectedRoutes (uint32)

The number of routes the policy selects.