Proto: cloud_provider.proto




AWSProvider is the implementation for AWS, used for specifying how functionality should be discovered and which credentials should be used, unless otherwise discovered using the aws credentials in the workspace settings.

Field Description
accountId (string)

AWS account ID
region (string)

AWS region
stsEndpoint (string)

STS endpoint to reach out to for AWS credentials
lambda (AWSProvider.LambdaOptions)

Lambda configuration


LambdaOptions specifies options for configuring invocation and filtering of lambda functions

Field Description
invokeRoleName (string)

Optional. The name of the IAM role to assume when calling the specified Cloud Function, associated with the account ID and region specified on the CloudProvider. If omitted, the IAM role specified on the gateway is used, unless referencing an imported CloudProvider. If importing a CloudProvider, you must specify this field. You can also specify a default invokeRole in a RouteTable by using the ‘’ annotation.
discovery (AWSProvider.LambdaOptions.LambdaDiscovery)

Discovery of lambda functions


LambdaDiscovery specifies options for discovering lambda functions

Field Description
enabled (bool)

Enable discovery of lambda functions.
roleName (string)

Optional. The name of role to use for discovering CloudResources, associated with the account ID and region specified on the CloudProvider. If set, this name will be used to override the value found in the $AWS_ROLE_ARN environment variable on the mgmt-server pod.
filter (AWSProvider.LambdaOptions.LambdaDiscovery.LambdaFilter)

Lambda function configuration specifies how lambda functions will be discovered.


Field Description
names (repeated string)

filter by the names of the functions. Functions that do not match this selector will not be included. Regex supported.
latestOnly (bool)

select only Lambda functions with the $LATEST version, to reduce the amount of discovered functions. If disabled, the generated resources will contain all versions associated with the functions specified.


reflects the report of the Cloud Provider

Field Description
report (

appliedRoutableFunctions (repeated CloudProviderReport.AppliedRoutableFunctionsEntry)

A map of CloudResources to the number of routable functions provided by that CloudResource.
childCloudResources (repeated

A list of CloudResources that back this CloudProvider.


Field Description
key (string)

value (CloudProviderReport.LambdaFunctions)


Field Description
functions (repeated string)


A CloudProvider is a representation of a cloud/infrastructure provider, and allows you to specify the configuration used to communicate with that cloud provider, as well as how to discover the set of backing functionality associated with that CloudProvider.

Field Description
aws (AWSProvider)

AWS cloud provider configuration.


The status of the resource after it is applied to your Gloo environment.

Field Description
common (

The state and workspace conditions of the applied resource.
numAppliedRoutableFunctions (repeated CloudProviderStatus.NumAppliedRoutableFunctionsEntry)

A map of CloudResources to the number of routable functions provided by that CloudResource.
numChildCloudResources (uint32)

The number of CloudResources that back this CloudProvider.


Field Description
key (string)

value (uint32)