Enable Istio access logs

Enable the Istio access log pipeline in the Gloo OpenTelemetry pipeline to pick up access logs for Istio-enabled workloads and make them available to the Gloo telemetry gateway. Access logs that are available in the telemetry gateway can be forwarded to third-party instances, such as Clickhouse.

Collecting access logs with the Gloo telemetry pipeline is recommended only if you want to forward access logs to a third-party instance, such as Clickhouse. For example, if you use the Gloo Gateway Portal feature and you want to monitor Portal analytics, you must configure the Gloo telemetry pipeline to pick up access logs and forward them to Clickhouse. If you do not plan to forward access logs, do not enable Istio access logs in the Gloo telemetry pipeline to save cluster resources and cost.

  1. Follow the steps to get your current Helm values.

  2. Enable the default logs/istio_access_logs pipeline in the Gloo telemetry collector agents by adding the following configuration to your Helm values file.

          enabled: true
  3. Follow the steps to upgrade and verify your Helm installation.

  4. Verify that the settings were added to the Gloo telemetry collector configmap.

    kubectl get configmap gloo-telemetry-collector-config -n gloo-mesh -o yaml
  5. Perform a rollout restart of the telemetry collector daemon set to force your configmap changes to be applied in the collector agent pods.

    kubectl rollout restart -n gloo-mesh daemonset/gloo-telemetry-collector-agent
  6. Instrument your Istio-enabled workloads to produce access logs. For more information, see the following links: