Process and route traffic

Set up intelligent routing for your Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes workloads, and learn how you can process and manipulate requests and responses.

Match incoming requests

URI path matching

Match the targeted path of an incoming request against specific path criteria.

Header matching

Specify a set of headers which incoming requests must match in entirety.

Query parameter matching

Specify a set of URL query parameters which requests must match in entirety.

HTTP method matching

Specify an HTTP method to match requests against.

Redirect and rewrite requests

Host redirect

Overwrite the host portion of the URL with another host.

Path redirect

Overwrite an entire path of the URL with another path.

Host rewrites

Replace the “Authority/Host” header with another host before forwarding the request.

Path rewrites

Replace the request path with another path before forwarding the request.

Direct responses

Send a direct response

Rather than routing incoming requests to your app, send back a pre-defined body and HTTP status response to the client.

Add headers to response

Optionally add headers before your direct response is sent back to the client.

Forward requests

Route within one cluster

Route incoming requests directly to a Kubernetes service within the same cluster.

Route across clusters

Use virtual destinations to route requests across clusters based on locality.

Route to external services

Use external services to route requests to an endpoint outside of your cluster.

Additional route table settings

Set default destinations

Set a default destination in a route table so that multiple routes can be easily assigned to that destination.

Weighted routing

Route to multiple versions of your app and determine the load that each version receives.

Add or remove header information

Learn how to manipulate request or response headers.

Route table delegation

Weighted route table delegation

Delegate routing to sub-tables based on an assigned order.

Route-specific delegation

Delegate routing to sub-tables based on individual route specificity.

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