Proto: graphql_persisted_query_cache_policy.proto




Field Description
workspaces (repeated GraphQLPersistedQueryCachePolicyReport.WorkspacesEntry)

A list of workspaces in which the policy can apply to workloads.
selectedRoutes (repeated

A list of references to all routes selected by the policy.


Field Description
key (string)

value (


To improve network performance for large query strings, the GraphQL filter supports automatic persisted queries. A persisted query is a query string that's cached on the server side, along with it's hash. The client can then send the hash instead of the full query string, thus reducing request sizes (responses are unaffected). Persisted queries are especially effective when clients send queries as GET requests. This enables clients to take advantage of the browser cache and integrate with a CDN. If empty, persisted query cache is not used.

Field Description
applyToRoutes (repeated

Select the graphql routes where the policy will be applied. If empty, will apply to no graphql routes. selection via Destination selectors will not work for this policy, and only route selectors will work. If more than one GraphQLPersistedQueryCachePolicy applies to a GraphQLRoute, the oldest one will be applied.
config (GraphQLPersistedQueryCachePolicySpec.Config)

Persisted query cache configuration.


Field Description
cacheSize (uint32)

The number of queries to store in the persisted query cache, defaults to 1000.


Field Description
common (

The state and workspace conditions of the applied resource.
numSelectedRoutes (uint32)

The number of routes selected by the policy.