Upgrade or uninstall Portal

Upgrade, clean up, and uninstall the Gloo Platform components for the developer portal.


You can follow the same procedure to upgrade Portal as you do for other Gloo Platform components.

  1. Review the glooPortalServer* related Helm settings that you might want to upgrade. For example, you can upgrade the default values for resource requests and limits.
  2. Follow the Upgrade guide.


You can optionally remove the resources that you set up as part of this guide.
  1. Delete the sample apps.
    kubectl delete ns tracks
    kubectl delete ns users
    kubectl delete ns pets
    kubectl delete ns store
    kubectl delete -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/solo-io/gloo-mesh-use-cases/main/gloo-gateway/portal/frontend-deployment.yaml
  2. Uninstall Keycloak as an in-cluster OIDC provider.
    kubectl delete ns keycloak
  3. Get all of the Gloo Portal-related custom resources.
    kubectl get apidocs,ratelimitserverconfigs,RatelimitConfigs,ratelimitserversettings,ratelimitclientconfigs,ratelimitpolicies,extauthpolicies,extauthserver,routetables,portals,portalgroups,virtualgateways -A
  4. Delete the custom resources, such as the following example.
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-gateways RouteTable tracks-rt
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-gateways RouteTable petstore-rt
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-gateways RouteTable api-example-com-rt
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-gateways RouteTable dev-portal-rt
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-gateways RouteTable portal-frontend
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-gateways VirtualGateway istio-ingressgateway-portal
    kubectl delete -n default ExtAuthPolicy api-key-auth
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-addons ExtAuthPolicy oidc-auth
    kubectl delete -n default Secret user1
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-addons Secret oauth
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-addons RateLimitClientConfig usage-plans
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-addons RateLimitServerConfig usage-plans
    kubectl delete -n default RateLimitPolicy tracks-rate-limit
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-addons Portal developer-portal
    kubectl delete -n gloo-mesh-addons PortalGroup petstore-group


You can follow the same procedure to uninstall Portal as you do for other Gloo Platform components.

For more information, see Uninstall.