Gloo Gateway documentation

Welcome to the Gloo Gateway documentation!

Here you can find guides, code samples, architectural diagrams, best practices, tutorials, API references, and more for how to set up an API Gateway for your Kubernetes workloads, enforce network policies, and monitor traffic between microservices.

Get started

Get started with installing the Gloo API Gateway in your Kubernetes cluster and configuring network policies for your microservices.


Learn more about what an API Gateway is, the architecture and benefits of Gloo Gateway, and how to achieve multitenancy and observability.

Set up gateway listeners

Set up listeners on your ingress gateway proxy to accept incoming client requests for a specific host, port, and protocol.

Route traffic

Set up intelligent routing for your Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes workloads, and learn how you can process and manipulate requests and responses.

Control traffic with policies

Use Gloo Gateway policies to control the traffic that enters or leaves your Kubernetes cluster.

Monitor gateway health

Learn how to use the Gloo UI and the built-in Prometheus server to monitor network traffic for your cluster.

Create Gloo GraphQL APIs

Create GraphQL APIs directly in Envoy using declarative configuration with Gloo Gateway.

Integrate with AWS Lambda

Set up routing to and invoke AWS Lambda functions directly from Gloo Gateway.

API and Helm reference

Review Gloo Gateway APIs and Helm chart values that you can set to configure and work with Gloo Gateway.