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————- Graphql Tools JS Input ————- This is not user-facing and is only used to pass to the graphql-tools js script This is the message which the graphql-tools js script will consume

"subschemas": []

Field Type Description
subschemas []


"name": string
"schema": string
"typeMergeConfig": map<string,>

Field Type Description
name string name of the subschema, arbitrary name but must be unique in a gateway schema. generally generated from the graphql schema ref.
schema string GraphQL schema SDL for the subschema.
typeMergeConfig map<string,> Type merge config that the graphql-tools stitching script needs to generate stitching info for the data plane.


"selectionSet": string
"fieldName": string
"args": map<string, string>

Field Type Description
selectionSet string
fieldName string
args map<string, string>


————- Graphql Tools JS Out —————— This is not user-facing and is only used to pass data back from the graphql-tools js script The message that is the output of the graphql tools stitching info script

"fieldNodesByType": map<string, .envoy.config.resolver.stitching.v2.FieldNodes>
"fieldNodesByField": map<string, .envoy.config.resolver.stitching.v2.FieldNodeMap>
"mergedTypes": map<string, .envoy.config.resolver.stitching.v2.MergedTypeConfig>
"stitchedSchema": string

Field Type Description
fieldNodesByType map<string, .envoy.config.resolver.stitching.v2.FieldNodes>
fieldNodesByField map<string, .envoy.config.resolver.stitching.v2.FieldNodeMap>
mergedTypes map<string, .envoy.config.resolver.stitching.v2.MergedTypeConfig>
stitchedSchema string