Package: envoy.config.core.v3


Source File: envoy/config/core/v3/backoff.proto


Configuration defining a jittered exponential back off strategy.

"baseInterval": .google.protobuf.Duration
"maxInterval": .google.protobuf.Duration

Field Type Description Default
baseInterval .google.protobuf.Duration The base interval to be used for the next back off computation. It should be greater than zero and less than or equal to :ref:max_interval <envoy_api_field_config.core.v3.BackoffStrategy.max_interval>.
maxInterval .google.protobuf.Duration Specifies the maximum interval between retries. This parameter is optional, but must be greater than or equal to the :ref:base_interval <envoy_api_field_config.core.v3.BackoffStrategy.base_interval> if set. The default is 10 times the :ref:base_interval <envoy_api_field_config.core.v3.BackoffStrategy.base_interval>.