1.14.0+ Upgrade Notice

Review and apply version-specific changes in Gloo Edge 1.14.x and Gloo Edge Enterprise 1.14.x before upgrading your Gloo Edge installation.

This upgrade notice summarizes the main feature, Helm, CRD, and CLI changes for you before upgrading to version 1.14. For more details on particular changes, see the Changelog.

Feature changes

Review the following highlights of features changes in Gloo Edge version 1.14.

New or improved features:

Deprecated features:

Removed features:

Helm changes

New Helm fields:

Deprecated Helm fields:

Removed Helm fields:

CRD changes

New CRDs are automatically applied to your cluster when performing a helm install operation. However, they are not applied when performing an helm upgrade operation. This is a deliberate design choice on the part of the Helm maintainers, given the risk associated with changing CRDs. Given this limitation, you must apply new CRDs to the cluster before upgrading.

New and updated CRDs:

Deprecated CRDs:

Removed CRDs:

CLI changes

New CLI commands or options:

Changed behavior:

Upgrade process

The following steps describe the general process for upgrading Gloo Edge.

Want to test the new version before upgrading? Try out a Canary Upgrade.

  1. Follow steps 1 - 2 in Upgrade Steps to prepare for upgrading, and to upgrade glooctl.

  2. Apply the new and updated CRDs. Replace the version with the specific patch version that you are upgrading to, such as 1.14.0 in the following examples.

    helm repo update
    helm pull gloo/gloo --version 1.14.0 --untar
    kubectl apply -f gloo/crds
    helm repo update
    helm pull glooe/gloo-ee --version 1.14.0 --untar
    kubectl apply -f gloo-ee/charts/gloo/crds
    # If Gloo Federation is enabled
    kubectl apply -f gloo-ee/charts/gloo-fed/crds
  3. Verify that the deployed CRDs use the same version as your current Gloo Edge installation.

    glooctl check-crds
  4. Enable any new features that you want to use.

  5. Continue to upgrade the Gloo Edge server components via Helm.