Gloo Edge Metrics

All Gloo Edge pods ship with optional Prometheus monitoring capabilities.

This functionality is turned on by default, and can be turned off a couple of different ways: through Helm chart install options; and through environment variables.

You can take a look at the Help strings we publish to see what kind of metrics are available.

Toggling Pod Metrics

Helm Chart Options

The first way is via the Helm chart. A global settings value for enabling metrics and debug endpoints on all pods part of the Gloo Edge installation can be toggled using global.glooStats.enabled (default true).

In addition, all deployment resources in the chart accept an argument stats which when set, override any default value inherited from global.glooStats.

For example, to add stats to the Gloo Edge gateway, when installing with Helm add --set discovery.deployment.stats.enabled=true.

For example, to add stats to the Gloo Edge discovery pod, first write your values file. Run:

echo "discovery:
      enabled: true
" > stats-values.yaml

Then install using one of the following methods:

glooctl install gateway --values stats-values.yaml

helm install gloo gloo/gloo --namespace gloo-system -f stats-values.yaml