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A Group can be use to define access levels for a set of users.

Field Type Label Description
displayName string A human-readable name for the group to display to users.
description string Description for the group.
userSelector Selector User objects which match this selector will be considered part of this Group and have access to the Portals and ApiDocs selected in this Group.
Users are always selected from the Group’s own namespace.
accessLevel AccessLevel The Groups’s access level. Users in this Group will be granted access to these Portals and ApiDocs.


the current status of the Group. It contains a list of all the users currently selected in the group, as well as all the ApiDocs currently selected in the group

Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 the observed generation of the Group. when this matches the Group’s metadata.generation, it indicates the status is up-to-date
state State the current state of the user
reason string a human-readable string explaining the error, if any
users []ObjectRef repeated the User objects that are currently considered to be a part of this Group
accessLevel AccessLevelStatus the AccessLevel currently granted to to members of this group