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Source of binary data.

Field Type Label Description
inlineString string Data is stored as an inline string.
inlineBytes bytes Data is stored as an array of bytes.
fetchUrl string Data is stored as a URL.
configMap DataSource.ConfigMapData Data is stored in a ConfigMap.


Data stored in a ConfigMap Data map entry

Field Type Label Description
name string Name of the config map.
namespace string The namespace of the config map.
key string The name of the key in the ConfigMap’s data map.


A reference to an object.

Field Type Label Description
name string Name of the object.
namespace string Namespace of the object.


Used to select other resources.

Field Type Label Description
matchLabels []Selector.MatchLabelsEntry repeated Select only resources that match the given label set.


Field Type Label Description
key string
value string


The State of a Dev-Portal object

Name Number Description
Pending 0 Waiting to be processed.
Processing 1 Currently processing.
Invalid 2 Invalid parameters supplied, will not continue.
Failed 3 Failed during processing.
Succeeded 4 Finished processing successfully.