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An ApiDocSpec tells the DevPortal Operator how to retrieve an ApiDoc for publishing in the DevPortal UI.

Field Type Label Description
dataSource DataSource Pull the ApiDoc from this data source.
image DataSource The image for this ApiDoc.
openApi ApiDocSpec.OpenApi Set this field if the ApiDoc is of type OpenApi (default).


Parameters specific to OpenApi ApiDoc.


The current status of the ApiDoc. The ApiDoc will be processed as soon as one or more Portals select it for publishing.

Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 The observed generation of the ApiDoc. When this matches the ApiDoc’s metadata.generation, it indicates the status is up-to-date.
state State The current state of the ApiDoc.
reason string A human-readable string explaining the error, if any.
modifiedDate google.protobuf.Timestamp Most recent date the ApiDoc was updated.
displayName string User-facing display name for the ApiDoc.
version string User-facing version number
description string User-facing description
numberOfEndpoints int32 The number of API endpoints detected in the parsed ApiDoc.
basePath string The base path for making requests against this ApiDoc.