Solo welcomes your contribution the Gloo Gateway project.

Ways to contribute

Filing issues

If you encounter a bug, you can report the issue on GitHub.

  1. Review existing issues. If you find a similar issue, add a comment with more context or a 👍 reaction to indicate your agreement.
  2. If you don’t find a similar issue, open an issue using the appropriate template, such as a Bug Report.

Small bug fixes

If your bug fix is small (around 20 lines of code), just open a pull request. The PR template walks you through providing context and tests that verify your fix works. Solo’s engineering team will try to merge the fix as soon as possible.

Big PRs

Sometimes, you might need to open a larger PR, such as for:

  • Big bug fixes
  • New features

For significant changes to the Gloo project, get input on the design before starting on the implementation.

  1. Refer to Filing issues to find or open an issue with your idea.
  2. Message the Solo team on Slack to discuss your proposed changes and come up with an implementation plan.
  3. Refer to the devel directory in the Gloo project for tools and helpful information to contribute, debug, and test your code.
  4. Open a draft PR with the work in progress label to get feedback on your work.
  5. Address any review comments that a Solo team member leaves.

The Solo team will merge and release your code changes!

Code review guidelines

Every piece of code in Gloo is reviewed by at least one Solo team member familiar with that codebase.

  1. Changelog Every PR in Gloo needs a changelog entry. For more information about changelogs, see the readme.
  2. CI check A Solo team member needs to kick off the CI process by commenting /test on your PR.
  3. Testing Please write tests for your changes. Bias towards fast / unit testing.
  4. Comments The code reviewer may leave comments to discuss changes. Minor preferences are often called out with nit.

Testing with coverage

To check coverage, run your tests in the package, such as:

  ginkgo -cover && go tool cover -html *.coverprofile


The Gloo Gateway (Kubernetes Gateway API) documentation is built from a private GitHub repository. Currently, only team members can contribute to this repository.

To request changes to the documentation or report an issue, follow the steps in Filing issues.