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Custom Styling options for a portal

Field Type Description
primaryColor .
secondaryColor .
backgroundColor .
navigationLinksColorOverride .
buttonColorOverride .
defaultTextColor .


A PortalSpec tells the Dev Portal Operator to fetch and serve static assets which are used by the Dev Portal UI. Each portal can publish one or more API Products.

Field Type Description
displayName Display name of the portal..
description Description for the portal..
domains [] The domains on which this Portal will be served. The Host header received by the Portal Web App will be matched to one of these domains in order to determine which Portal will be served.
To prevent undefined behavior, creating a Portal whose domain conflicts with an existing Portal will result in the Portal resource being placed into an ‘Invalid’ state..
primaryLogo Logo to display on the portal..
favicon Browser favicon for the portal..
banner The banner image for the portal..
customStyling Custom Styling overrides..
staticPages [] Static markdown content pages for the portal..
publishApiProducts Select APIProducts matching these labels for publishing on the Portal. APIProducts are always selected from the Portal’s own namespace.
The set of APIProducts a specific user sees upon login will be filtered by the permissions associated either with that user’s AccessLevel, or with the AccessLevels of the groups that the user is a member of.
If the User’s accessible APIProducts and Portal APIProducts do not intersect, the user will see no APIProducts..


The current status of the Portal. The Portal will be processed as soon as it is created in the cluster.

Field Type Description
observedGeneration The observed generation of the Portal. When this matches the Portal’s metadata.generation, it indicates the status is up-to-date..
state The current state of the portal..
reason A human-readable string explaining the error, if any..
publishUrl The published URL at which the portal can be accessed.
apiProducts [] The APIProducts that are currently considered to be part of this Portal..


Field Type Description
name The name of the page..
description Description of the page..
path The path for this page relative to the portal base URL..
navigationLinkName The name of the link displayed on the portal navigation bar..
displayOnHomepage Set to true if you want to display a tile that links to the static page on the portal home page. Only one of the static pages for a portal can set this flag to true..
content Markdown content for the page..