autopilot init

autopilot init

Initialize a new project for the given top-level CRD


The autopilot init command creates a project skeleton in the given directory. If the directory does not exist, it will be created.

autopilot init <dir> --kind=<kind> --group=<apigroup> --verison=<apiversion> [--skip-gomod] [flags]


      --group string         API Group for the Top-Level CRD (default "")
  -h, --help                 help for init
      --kind string          Kind (Camel-Cased Name) of Top-Level CRD (default "Example")
  -m, --module go mod init   Sets the name of the module for go mod init.Required if initializing outside your $GOPATH
  -s, --skip-gomod           skip generating go.mod for project
      --version string       API Version for the Top-Level CRD (default "v1")

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --verbose   Enable verbose logging