autopilot generate

autopilot generate

Generates code, build, and deployment files for the Operator


The autopilot generate command (re-)generates all assets for coding, building and deploying the Operator.

ap generate should be run whenever the autopilot.yaml, autopilot-operator.yaml, or the spec.go for the top-level CRD have changed.

Re-run this command when you have updated your autopilot.yaml or your api’s spec.go.

Note: Kubernetes YAML Manifests generated by ap generate have fields that must be replaced using sed. The ap deploy command will perform this automatically; however, to apply the manifests by hand:

cat deploy/.yaml |
sed ’s/REPLACE_IMAGE//’ |
kubectl apply -f-

autopilot generate [flags]


  -d, --deepcopy-only   Only update the zz_generated.deepcopy.go file.
  -h, --help            help for generate
  -f, --overwrite       force overwriting files that are meant to be modified by the user (spec.go, worker.go, etc.)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --verbose   Enable verbose logging